Now or Never

now, short-term thinking, instant gratification

For some folks, living in the “here and now” means seeking instant gratification. So they buy pills to lose weight, go under the knife to look young, and purchase lottery tickets in hopes of striking it rich. In business, they request favors five minutes into a new relationship, hold “fire sales” rather than building customer… [Read More]

5 Qualities of Great Leaders

great leaders, leadership, leadership qualities

The world is changing at a blistering pace. In years past, the health of a company was measured by the size of its balance sheet. While that still may be true today, great leaders know that an organization’s competitiveness is clearly determined by its ability to harness the power of intangibles –– often referred to… [Read More]

10 Tips to Create Better Life Balance

Life balance, work life balance, Frank Sonnenberg

Many of us take each day as it comes and then seem surprised to find where life has taken us. We’ve risen to the top, but regret what we’ve lost during the journey; we’ve accumulated fancy possessions, but learned that money can’t buy the best riches in life. It’s as if we’ve followed a prepared… [Read More]