Get It Done!

Get it done, just do it, make it happen

What happens when someone asks us to do something really tough? First, we try to get out of it. Right? Next, we complain that they’re asking the impossible. Then, we whine to our friends, “I’m having such a bad day” or “The world is unfair.” After we’ve exhausted every way to get out of the… [Read More]

You’re the Best!

Thanks, Thank you, You're the best

This month marks the fourth year of my blog. I’d like to thank the 250,000+ people who have read these posts because if it weren’t for you, I’d be talking (or at least writing) to myself.  I’d also like to thank everyone who liked, shared, or commented on these posts. I appreciate your encouragement and… [Read More]

Fair Is Fair


“They play favorites.” “They made their mind up before they started.” “They didn’t earn it.” “They don’t deserve it.” “It’s a popularity contest.” “They have more than me.” And the list goes on and on. So what’s fair, and how is fairness determined? Fairness affects everything we do. It shapes our judgment, impacts our credibility,… [Read More]

Forgiveness: It’s Good For You


We’ve all experienced some level of hurt and disappointment in our lives. It may have taken the form of a friend who betrayed us, a family member who disappointed us, a superior who exploited us, or an individual who caused some harm to our loved one. While some wounds are shallow and relatively easy to… [Read More]