Moments of a Lifetime

Moments of a Lifetime

Moments of a Lifetime

Check out this poster of happy memories.

Moments of a Lifetime

Baby’s belly laugh  •  Good report card  •  Prom night  •  First kiss  •  Trick or treat  •  25th anniversary  •  Potty training  •  “Mama . . . Dada”  •  Snow day  •  Lightning storm  •  Christmas caroling  •  First promotion  •  Autumn leaves  •  Summer vacation  •  First flip off the diving board  •  “It’s a girl”  •  Passing the driving test  •  Blue ribbon  •  Getting the leg cast off  •  Tailgating  •  Grandchildren   •  10-year reunion  •  New box of crayons  •  Christmas morning  •  “Here’s the car key”  •  Retirement  •  Bedtime story  •  Sweet sixteen  •  Acceptance letter  •  Sandcastle  •  Smell of a new car  •  Roasting marshmallows by the campfire  •  “I do”  •  New tricycle  •  Ride in the little red wagon  •  Losing the training wheels  •  Talent show  •  Cheers!  •  Little League  •  Singing in the car  •  Visit from the tooth fairy  •  A beer and a burger  •  Blowing out the candles  •  Disney World  •  Cheers from the crowd  •  Walk in the snow  •  First steps  •  First train ride  •  Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows   •   “It’s a boy”  •  Crossing the finish line  •  Clean bill of health  •  July 4th BBQ  •  Harvesting from your own garden  •  Driving with the top down  •  “I love you, too”

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  1. Christopher Avery says

    Beautiful Frank. Thank you for your continuing “high road” admonitions, positive thoughts, lessons in life, and inspiration. I appreciate you.

    This reminded me of a moment shared by the preacher who married Amy and me. We had made a decision to wait until I finished my dissertation before marrying — and that took awhile. Apparently it had taken our preacher awhile too because he said that whenever there was a calamity in their household, he and his wife would look at each other and one would say “Thank God, at least the dissertation is done.”

  2. Frank Sonnenberg says

    Thanks so much Christopher. Btw, I love your stories :-) They’re very powerful in driving home your message.

    Have a great day!



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