13 Elements of a Great Strategy

13 Elements of a Great Strategy

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Does your strategy measure up? Here are 13 elements of a great strategy.

13 Elements of a Great Strategy

Objective  Is the objective clearly defined, and is it based on a realistic view of the marketplace?

Knowledge  Is the strategy based on superior knowledge of your customer, marketplace, and competition and a realistic assessment of your own capabilities?

Initiative  Does the strategy enable you to set the pace in the field and jump ahead of the competition?

Mass  Are you focusing your efforts in those areas that provide the greatest opportunity?

Economy  Are resources being economically and prudently deployed?

Flexibility  Does the strategy enable you to shift resources easily if required? Will the organization be able to react quickly to rapidly changing circumstances?

Unity of Leadership  Is everyone working in unison to achieve a common goal? If you ask fifteen people where the organization is heading, will you receive fifteen different responses?

Security  Are plans being kept secret? Is it clear which information has to be kept secure?

Surprise  Will you strike the competition when and where it’s least prepared? Do you have enough speed and competitive intelligence to prevent competitors from following your lead?

Simplicity  Is the strategy as simple as it can be? Have you reduced any potential for misunderstanding?

Speed  Can you mobilize “forces” at will? Do bureaucracy, consensus management, undefined responsibility, and political infighting reduce your ability to move quickly?

Communication  Has the strategy been made available to those who need to know? Have individual responsibility and accountability been assigned?

Commitment  Does everyone feel a part of the initiative and passionate about achieving its goals? Or do just a few people “own” the initiative?

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  1. tcamba says

    Great job in posting these 13 elements of a strategy! I saw your post Frank at the BizSugar community and your post catches my attention. I can say that those are effective strategies especially that I have been in a marketing world since then.

    • Frank Sonnenberg says

      Thanks. I’m so glad that you find the strategies useful. Have an awesome day!



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