10 Tips to Create Better Life Balance

Life balance, work life balance, Frank Sonnenberg

Many of us take each day as it comes and then seem surprised to find where life has taken us. We’ve risen to the top, but regret what we’ve lost during the journey; we’ve accumulated fancy possessions, but learned that money can’t buy the best riches in life. It’s as if we’ve followed a prepared… [Read More]

Honor: Your Word Is Your Bond

Honor, keeping your word

There was a time when keeping your word held special significance. We took great pride in being of good character. Personal integrity was both expected and valued. That was a time when everyone knew each other’s family, and you wouldn’t do anything that would cast a shadow on your family’s good name. It was a… [Read More]

You Think You Have Problems?

problem, problems, complain, problem meaning

Complaining, complaining, complaining. For some people, it’s their job. (And they’re good at it.) They complain about the weather, the noise level, and their personal comfort. They complain about their job, their kids, and how the world’s been unfair to them. In fact, they pretty much complain about everything. If you didn’t know better, you’d… [Read More]

13 Ways to Spot a Lie

lie, liar, spot a lie, meaning of lie, Frank Sonnenberg

The truth is . . . we can’t build relationships if we mistrust what friends say; we won’t follow leaders if we mistrust what they do; and we can’t make good decisions if we doubt the accuracy of the information that we receive. So why do people lie? The reasons are countless. Regardless of the… [Read More]