Follow Your Conscience

Character, conscience, personal values, leadership

Moral character is the DNA of success and happiness. Follow Your Conscience by Frank Sonnenberg, is jam-packed with actionable advice on improving your relationships, strengthening your career, and finding your purpose in life. Follow Your Conscience answers questions such as: How do you build a solid reputation? How do you achieve better balance in life? What… [Read More]

Ever Hear the Excuse “Everybody Does It”?

excuse, immoral behavior, apathy

Executive greed, dishonest politicians, and celebrities living out-of-control lifestyles . . . You’d think these things would infuriate us. Instead, people excuse it away by claiming “Everybody does it.” And that’s supposed to make it acceptable. Does this mean that we find this behavior right? Unfortunately, we’ve become so accustomed to these ills that we’re… [Read More]