It’s Hard Being Filthy Rich

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Once upon a time, there was a brat named Phil T. Rich. He grew up with everything a kid could want. He had every gadget imaginable, a house that rivaled the Disney castle, and parents who gave him free rein to do whatever he wanted. Unfortunately, his parents were rarely around for him — they… [Read More]

Thanks a Bunch

Thanks a bunch, blogging, FrankSonnenbergOnline

Who says no one cares about moral character, personal values, and personal responsibility? I’m pleased to report that this month marks the five-year anniversary of FrankSonnenbergOnline. According to projections, this year our blog will attract just shy of half a million visitors from around the world. It’s also worth mentioning that the blog has been recognized… [Read More]

9 Keys to Twitter Success

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Twitter offers a gateway to wonderful people and access to vast resources, but there’s an etiquette that should be followed to achieve Twitter success. Here are nine lessons I’ve learned to achieve Twitter success: Twitter is a megaphone to the world. It’s remarkable how far a good idea can travel on social media. I am still… [Read More]

Mind Your Manners

manners, etiquette, courtesy, Frank Sonnenberg

Can you read people’s minds? It’s not really that hard. What do people think when they see someone eat with their mouth open, slam the door in someone’s face, cut someone off in the middle of a sentence, shout across the room, use foul language, look like a slob, bark orders instead of saying “please”… [Read More]