The Cost of Distrust

distrust, mistrust, mistrust in relationships

People like talking about trust. Parents expect it, recruiters require it, and leaders demand it. In fact, whenever trust is mentioned, everyone smiles and nods their head. That’s because trust is like motherhood and apple pie. Yet, there seems to be a disconnect between the perceived value of trust and the priority that it receives…. [Read More]

Congratulations On Your Success

Success, congratulations, achievement

Congratulations on your success. You deserve it! You’ve worked long hours, you’ve made major sacrifices, and you didn’t quit, even after witnessing many of your colleagues dropping by the wayside. I know your journey wasn’t easy. The work was hard, the pain was significant, and the temptation to quit was never-ending. So now that you’ve… [Read More]

6 Ways to Know You Need A Course Correction

course correction, life goals, purpose, personal goal setting

Some people measure success by the wealth they’ve accumulated, the power they’ve attained, or the status they’ve achieved. Yet, even though they’ve reached success beyond their wildest dreams, they still have an empty feeling — something is missing from their life. In order to fill that void and be completely fulfilled in life, their soul… [Read More]