Ever Hear the Excuse “Everybody Does It”?

excuse, immoral behavior, apathy

Executive greed, dishonest politicians, and celebrities living out-of-control lifestyles . . . You’d think these things would infuriate us. Instead, people excuse it away by claiming “Everybody does it.” And that’s supposed to make it acceptable. Does this mean that we find this behavior right? Unfortunately, we’ve become so accustomed to these ills that we’re… [Read More]

Do You Take It for Granted?

Take for granted, appreciate what you have

Are you grateful for the life that you have? Or do you take things for granted? Maybe you haven’t thought about it for a while. Did you ever fail to appreciate someone you care about? Was that because you were too busy putting out fires or focusing on other things? Or perhaps you assumed they’d… [Read More]

Get It Done!

Get it done, just do it, make it happen

What happens when someone asks us to do something really tough? First, we try to get out of it. Right? Next, we complain that they’re asking the impossible. Then, we whine to our friends, “I’m having such a bad day” or “The world is unfair.” After we’ve exhausted every way to get out of the… [Read More]