The Costs of Mistreating Employees


We must keep in mind all the costs of mistreating employees. Employees can express their dissatisfaction in a number of ways––all of them damaging: They can resign, taking important skills and customer knowledge with them; they can voice their discontent, thereby hurting morale; they can use every “sick day” available or continually show up late; or they can become apathetic, producing only enough to avoid being fired.

It does not matter why employees leave; the costs and consequences of turnover are the same. The bonds between customers and your organization are severed. Employee industry knowledge and ability to network within the organization are lost. Replacements have to be attracted, hired, trained; then they have to learn to navigate their way through the organization. Moreover, if someone leaves the organization dissatisfied, and mentions it even discreetly to others, recruiting will suffer and your reputation may become tarnished.

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